Ink on paper, 50x50 cm (19,68x19,68”)
First one done…

More soon to follow!

Another preview from “Grids and Bricks”                            @

Something new…

When I´m working on something new, I forget about sharing it, the progress, the ideas, the pictures. I would like to work and complete it and put it in a closet for maybe a year and take it out again a couple of times, to see if I am now satisfied with the result or if I still like it,…and I never like it once it´s completed.

Updating disrupts my work process, because I´m not done with the idea, until every space is filled with ink, there is still room for something.

Unfortunately it also takes a long time for my bigger drawings to be completed and it might appear as if I have gone from this planet, so I will have to adjust.

Here is some little preview of a series of smaller works I have been working on and will be in the near future. There are some changes - I´ve been using colour, acrylic ink, one per image, so I can adjust to that too, and not everything is square anymore. 

They still fall under the “Grids and Bricks” collection, right underwater and I´ll give my best to update more regularly.


Ink on canvas, 120x100cm (47,2x39,3”)

"MUST BECOME MY SHADOW"                        

If you are the person on the ground, looking down at yourself, than the lion is your shadow, looking forwards. 

Ink on canvas, 120x100cm (47,2x39,3”)

"MBMS", soon on

A serious(looking) drawing. Soon on

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"PUNKY, the Balloon Fish", details of drawing, 
ink on paper, 56x76 cm (22”x30”) + white border

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"PUNKY, the Balloon Fish",  detail of mouth, *watermarked
ink on paper, o.56x76cm (22”x30”)

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"PUNKY" explained + progress in pics
ink on paper, 56x 76cm (22”x30”)

Third fish in gallery, the punker Balloon Fish, EXPLAINED in words and photo
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"PUNKY", the Balloon Fish
ink on paper, 56x76 cm (22”x30”)

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